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Apart from Quality Assurance activities, the organisation is responsible for import substitution and associates with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in the development projects. It also ensures documentation, Codification and Standardisation action for minimizing the variety of components / equipments. The other services rendered are promotion of small-scale industries, post procurement services, Defect Investigations and Technical Consultancy to the users, Ministry and the Production Agencies.

DGQA is also foraying into several exciting new Areas viz. facilitate grant of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) to innovation by anyone in field of Defence, establish world class test labs for Defence Testing especially in Defence Corridors, grant Third Party Inspection (TPI) accreditation to enable existing/new Defence manufacturers to outsource their inspection, grant Self Certification to established Defence Manufacturers, grant Green Channel Status (GCS) to firms with turnover beyond Rs 50 cr, and provide Certification to Potential Defence Exporters classifying their stores Fit for Indian Military use.