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Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme (DTIS)

1. Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme (DTIS) formulated to provide defence industry easy access to testing facilities

2. Testing Infrastructure is capital intensive & not viable for Industry to set up the testing facilities

3. Scheme proposes setting up 06 to 08 Defence Testing Infrastructure (DTI) with Govt Grant-in-Aid of Rs 400 Cr

Type-----> Small || Estimated Cost----->0-20 Cr || Nos----->03

Type-----> Medium || Estimated Cost----->20-50 Cr || Nos----->03

Type-----> Large || Estimated Cost-----> 50 Cr || Nos----->02

4. Creation, operation and maintenance of each DTI will be done through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

5. SPV will be constituted by minimum 5 entities and shall be a Section 8 company (not for profit company)

6. SPV constituents will fund minimum 25% of the project cost while budgetary support from GoI will be maximum 75%

7. The operation and maintenance of DTIs will be self-sustaining through collection of User Charges by the SPVs

8. The equipment/ systems tested at these facilities will be certified as per appropriate accreditation

9. Defence Industrial Corridors in UP & TN may be given preference for setting up Test Facilities

10. DTIS guidelines approved by Hon’ble RM on 08 May 20

11. Gazette Notification and RFP for Project Consultant – DTIS issued

12. M/s PriceWaterhouseCoopers appointed as Project Consultant in Dec 20

13. Gap Analysis Study on testing infrastructure deficiencies to be submitted by PWC – 24 Mar 21

14. RFP has been issued for 08 Test facilities and bid submitted in 04 cases, till date.

15. Web Portal for Project Monitoring to be setup by – 24 Jun 21

RFPs for DTIS Test Facilities